DIVA: TOP (teal/ wild berry/ vivid green)


DIVA pole dance wear set that will give you lightness

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DIVA pole dance wear set: TOP

DIVA pole dance wear set is a practical, comfortable and sensual choice. This top comes with an asymmetric straps and a bottom with an attractive ruffle on the buttocks.

The outfit will visually slim your silhouette, give lightness and self-confidence. It will appear beautifully in the photos, and its brilliance will surely draw the viewer’s attention. There are three color variants and three types of panties to choose from.

In the photos you can see Ayla in vivid green 36/S, Melissa in teal 40/L top and 42/XL bottom, Cami in wild berry 44/XXL top &46/XXXL bottom.

As for the sizes available for this costume, you can pick from:
XS / S / M / L / XL / XXL / XXXL.

Keep in mind that if our sizes do not meet your needs, there is always a possibility of customization. We can adjust the sizes of our products to match your silhouette. You can find more details  here.

DIVA pole dance wear set is available in various colors

DIVA pole dance wear set is available in three color variants.

We offer you three strong colors. If you like to be in the spotlight, surely you will love them.

Which color do you pick? You can choose from:
– teal;
– wild berry;
– vivid green.

Remember that the colors pictured in photos may be slightly different from the actual ones. Most importantly we make a large effort to ensure that you can see outfit shades as close as possible to reality. Furthermore, the colors you see also depend on lighting vibrance and calibration of your screen.

Asymmetric neckline and nude cuts

The neckline in this set is asymmetric, so it will emphasize the beauty of your shoulder. On the other hand, nude straps will slim your figure, and also enhance your beauty and strength of your arms. Therefore, if you want to present your silhouette in a graceful manner, it is the perfect solution for you.

Also, you should notice the frontal seams that run all along the line of the bust. This design will emphasize the beauty of your breasts and help you enhance your sex appeal.


Which type of bottom of pole dance wear set is your choice?

Bottom DIVA is available in three variants. Each of them has an attractive crease on the buttocks. Both front and back seams are oblique. All this makes these underwear will certainly impress the viewers with their extraordinary appearance.

All variants of the DIVA bottom have a crotch area widened by a few centimeters, which ensures comfort, even when performing extreme figures. A high waist, on the other hand, will help you optically reduce unnecessary kilograms. The lining is made of the same material and color as the outfit. In addition, the bottoms in this model do not have a frontal middle seam, which makes their appearance even more attractive.

We offer:

• Brazilian panties

It is a great choice for you if you want to optically lengthen your legs and the whole silhouette. Our panties have cutouts at the front and back – so that they cover the bikini area. The back seam runs across the center of the buttock, diagonally. You can be sure that in these panties you will feel particularly comfortable and beautiful!

• Full panties with a sexy cut

It is a modern design that will cover the entire buttocks. At the same time, it will emphasize femininity and remain sexy in perception.

• Pole dance shorts

These shorts are not only functional, but also not too tightened – they feel quite natural. In addition, the leg length is perfect. This design will not restrict movement during demanding acrobatic figures in which you hold on to the groin of the pole. It will highlight your buttocks, despite their covering.

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teal, wild berry, vivid green


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