YAIZA pole dance wear set with a covered back

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YAIZA pole dance wear set is a solution that is comfortable, functional and very sensual at the same time. The top is covered both at the front and at the back. The outfit is designed in a way that gives it particular lightness and subtleness.

This outfit is made for training. However, you can be sure that it will also look great in taken pictures. The bottom of this set has decorative cutouts at the front and rear that shape your silhouette. The sensual wrinkling on the buttocks truly adds attractiveness.

For this particular model, there are as many as three color variations and three types of panties to choose from.

In the photos you can see Kasia, who is 170 cm tall.
The presented top is size 40 / M, while the bottom (in all variants) is size 42 / L.

As for the sizes available for this costume, you can pick from:
XS / S / M / L / XL / XXL / XXXL.

Keep in mind that if our sizes do not meet your needs, there is always a possibility of customization. We can adjust the sizes of our products to match your silhouette. You can find more details  here.

YAIZA pole dance wear set

YAIZA pole dance wear set is available in multiple color variants

The YAIZA Pole Dance wear set is available in three color variants. We offer a pastel shade which is very trendy nowadays. Furthermore, if you are up to photo shoots for Instagram, you will surely get your viewers’ attention by choosing this color. This shade is very subtle, so you will look best during photo sessions taken in daylight, or in cool artificial light.

However, if you are looking for something bold, then we recommend the other two color variants. They look original, which makes them perfect for personalities who like to stay in the spotlight. These eye-catching shades will bring a lot of energy to photo shoots. Certainly, if your point is to evoke big emotions among the viewers, this is definitely a solution for you.

Which color do you pick? You can choose from:

– Pastel mint;
– Wild berry;
– Teal.

Remember that the colors pictured in photos may be slightly different from the actual ones. Most importantly we make a large effort to ensure that you can see outfit shades as close as possible to reality. Furthermore, the colors you see also depend on lighting vibrance and calibration of your screen.

YAIZA pole dance wear set 2 YAIZA pole dance wear set 3

Unique top covered both at the front and at the back

The top of this set will be a perfect proposition for both women with small and large breasts. The neckline is built up, so if you don’t feel comfortable revealing your breasts, this is the solution that you surely admire. In addition, this top model will emphasize your beauty if you have a longer neck.

The rear of the top is covered in this model. Therefore, if you like to have a covered back, you will probably fall in love with this set as fast as we do. Virtually, the entire back remains covered up to the neck, including the shoulder blades.

The cut, however, differs from other typical outfits that are heavily built-up. At Avolar, we value not only the comfort of wearing clothes, but also your self-confidence, as well as the fact that our clothing designs are visually attractive. That is why we made sure that our YAIZA pole dance wear set was subtle and flirtatious.

YAIZA pole dance wear set – unbelievably light

e are offering you a modern design that is very easy to perceive, despite its firm construction. How is it possible? Note the subtle ornaments on the front. These are gentle stripes that go from the shoulders towards the center. They meet at the seam that runs vertically through the very center of the top.

This kind of aesthetic gives glimpse of lightness and adds sensuality to a seemingly simple cut. Thanks to this, this design seems very minimalist at first glance, but in fact it remains very sensual and intriguing in perception.

We would like to draw your attention to the unique placing of straps in this design.

It is a solution that will make your body look thinner. Moreover, the entire outfit will seem light, despite the fact that it is fully covered.

The fabric from which we make our costumes is flexible and will stretch exactly as needed – neither too tight nor too little. This makes our tops perfectly suited for both large and small breasts.

It is also worth mentioning that this model has a smooth lining that is made of the same material and color as the outfit.

Put your bets on the silhouette shaping bottom

The bottom of the YAIZA pole dance wear set has decorative cutouts at the front and back that will help you shape your silhouette. These are subtle stripes that create a pattern similar to a triangle. Such a design makes your figure optically slimmer and the costume seems very delicate.

If you want to slim your waist, this is definitely the solution for you. Additionally, also note that the seams here run vertically along the center and are designed to slim your body shape.

The advantages of this model are going on and on. The sensual wrinkling on the buttocks also adds to attractiveness. This is another variety that makes the outfit intriguing in perception.

This design is a rather interesting choice, although on the surface it may seem similar to classic solutions. If you care about originality and comfort – this is the perfect set for you.

Perfect pole dance wear set — which bottom do you choose?

The YAIZA bottom is available in three variants. Each of them has a crotch area widened by a few centimeters, which ensures comfort, even when performing extreme figures. A high waist, on the other hand, will help you hide unnecessary kilograms.

We offer:

• Brazilian panties

It is a great choice for you if you want to optically lengthen your legs and the whole silhouette. Our panties have cutouts at the front and back – so that they cover the bikini area. The back seam runs across the center of the buttock, diagonally. You can be sure that in these panties you will feel particularly comfortable and beautiful!

• Full panties with a sexy cut

It is a modern design that will cover the entire buttocks. At the same time, it will emphasize femininity and remain sexy in perception.

• Pole dance shorts

These shorts are not only functional, but also not too tightened – they feel quite natural. In addition, the leg length is perfect. This design will not restrict movement during demanding acrobatic figures in which you hold on to the groin of the pole. It will highlight your buttocks, despite their covering.

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