Do you think that you need perfect body shape to start regular training? Could you even think about acrobatics at all having visible sides? Is Pole Dance restricted to women with a model shape only? And finally – can a training outfit be comfortable and visually appealing?

If these questions sound familiar to you – listen to the story of a woman who handled the lack of self-confidence with great courage and determination.


Avolar and
Katarzyna Wiklanska
– the journey

Hi! My name is Kate,
I live in Spain and I am the mother of little Laura.

I have been a fitness instructor, Pole Dance trainer and personal trainer, for many, many years. Acrobatics are one of my greatest passions. I also work hard on becoming a more and more self-confident human being every day.

Unfortunately, it was not always like that. Not so long ago, I spent an unnecessary large amount of time comparing my body with other women. One of my biggest frustrations was buying clothes.

This is why I decided to create the Avolar brand – I wanted other women to feel attractive and comfortable in the outfits I create.

How it all began

The story of my brand began quite unusually. My partner decided that he wanted to buy me a training costume as a gift. He left the choice to my side, so I simply couldn’t wait to put my hands on it!

What have I chosen? Outfits that did not cover my buttocks at all were immediately eliminated. Back then, this was the costume I always dreamed of.

To my surprise, the list of available options was shortened greatly, and none of the remaining outfits appeared special to me.

In the end, I chose nothing. I felt nothing but frustration, since I have seen gorgeous and appealing outfits on Instagram before, which fit perfectly with other women.

It’s time to learn design!

Finally, I have decided to design and sew the outfit for myself. And not only for me! I wished to create designs that would be comfortable, and could improve the self-esteem of women (whose shapes are not model types), and also spare the frustration I felt myself.

Before, I just felt the need to … sew! πŸ™‚

Sounds like madness? Just to add to the picture, I drove to consult with designers around 100 km while having a bun in the oven πŸ™‚

Avolar - costumes created for ordinary women

I remember till this day. Autumn 2021 in sunny Spain and my decision to create my own brand which I call Avolar. One and a half years of hard work. All of this is meant to create a better world for women to not have to go through what I got through. That they would feel attractive and comfortable in Avolar costumes.

My decision strengthened over time. I gained a lot of weight during my pregnancy and simply couldn’t find clothes for myself. It was not the first time that this has happened to me. I have always had quite wide shoulders, which is not a result of years of training, but a genetic condition. That’s why I have a problem with buying an average women’s shirt. I have never had any insecurities because of this, but the mismatch with the “universal size” has always been frustrating and bothering for me.

Real life vs Instastiories

I remember when, while being pregnant, I was browsing the profiles of models whose pregnancy belly looked just perfect – exactly the opposite of what I had. It made me feel upset. I want to spare such hurtful feelings for other women. That’s why I say out loud ‘no’ to compare yourself to others.

My mission is to make ordinary women (like me) realize that you really can feel attractive and comfortable in every kind of body shape. For me, beauty has no limits.

In my store you can see how the outfits that I create fit various types of body shapes. You can always count on my advice and understanding.

Avolar are outfits for every body shape

Keep that in mind that I am an ordinary woman just like you. I am not a perfect Instagram model, but an average person who tries to become better day by day. I know what it feels like to compare myself with others: mostly younger or with a perfect body shape.

That’s why I want Avolar to become a place where you not only feel good, but also find your perfect outfit. The particular one in which you will feel confident during workouts and everyday routine. I want you to feel proud to be the woman you are.

In conclusion, I’d like to wish you not to compare yourself with others, see your strong sides and accept your disadvantages – here and now. Who knows, maybe when time passes, your self-esteem will improve enough to see that there are no disadvantages at all … πŸ™‚

I keep my fingers crossed for you!
And if you have questions or simply just want to talk – here I am!

I keep my fingers crossed for you!
And if you have questions or simply just want to talk – here I am!


Kate Wiklanska πŸ™‚