Pole dance wear meets sustainability

Pole dance wear sets by Avolar are created with you in mind. Our mission is to take care of your comfort and well-being. We want you to feel beautiful, sexy, feminine, and most importantly, relaxed in our outfits. Therefore, when sewing our costumes, we take care of even the slightest details. We solicitously select and refine each element. However, all the accessories we use come from local producers, from Spain or other European countries.

How pole dance wear costumes
by Avolar are made?

Pole dance wear costumes by Avolar are crafted in sunny Spain. In addition, they are hand-sewn, so you can be perfectly sure that each one of them is created with passion and commitment. We simply do everything to make you feel special and feminine. When it comes to sewing our outfits, besides feeling beautiful and sexy, we want you to live in a marvelous world. 

Therefore, as a brand, we try as much as we possibly can to take care of our planet through our actions. Pole dance wear by Avolar is designed in a special way to creatively use every, even the tiniest scrap of fabric. We simply don’t want to waste anything. In order to support and protect the environment, our brand has introduced special products – these wonderful bags that we sew from material scraps.

Creative projects

designed with care
for the environment

Avolar Sport is a conscious brand.

Therefore, from the very beginning of our activities, we have taken steps towards a sustainable style of production of our clothes and reduction of negative environmental impact.


We love fashion and we believe that everyone should have a chance to choose a more sustainable lifestyle. This is why we give you that choice, so you can buy our products that are not only trendy and comfortable, but also contribute to changing the world for the better.

We proudly present you with one of our most creative and innovative projects. These bags are created from scraps of materials. Thanks to this, nothing is wasted and you can enjoy another multi-purpose product from Avolar brand.

bag from Avolar

With the bag from Avolar, you can rest easy. 

It is not only a fully functional product in which you can successfully pack your costume and other personal equipment useful during training or leisure. Furthermore, it is also your voice and woke decision regarding care of the environment. Let our bags remind you that every even seemingly small step towards the protection of our planet is necessary and very important.

eco-friendly materials

Our pole dance wear costumes are made of
eco-friendly materials

As a conscious fashion brand, we know that not only our innovative designs are important, but also the material from which we sew our products. 

That is why we use eco-friendly, recycled fabrics that we import directly from Italy. By purchasing our outfits, you can be sure that you are buying the highest quality, and also contribute to the environmental care on many levels related to production in the fashion industry.

The eco-friendly techno-fabric from which we sew our clothes is made of regenerated ECONYL® nylon. 

ECONYL® nylon

Taking care of the environment in which we live is an important matter for our lives. That’s why we want you to help make our planet a better place by shopping with us.

First of all, the fabric from which we sew our outfits is not only eco-friendly, but also extremely durable and flexible. In addition, it fits the body perfectly and supports the muscles, while ensuring maximum wearing comfort.

You can read more about the properties and advantages of our products by clicking the link here.

Feel the beauty and develop yourself

At Avolar, we care about you and your wellbeing. That’s why it is important to us equally how you feel and the planet you live on. We set incredibly high standards for us to meet. Moreover, we want our products to stand out in the marketplace not only by their performance. Our target is to make the world a better place. Not just your world.

Our desire is to make you feel special and be amazing exactly as you are. However, we let ourselves go a step further and fulfill the need of caring for our planet. We know that everything around us matters.

Day after day, we try to make you see, feel and live in a wonderful world. We want you to be aware of your purchasing decisions, and when you decide to choose Avolar products be sure what impact they have on our environment. Expand your horizons and thrive with us.