Pole dance outfits by Avolar are the perfect solution for you if you want to feel beautiful, sexy, feminine. In addition, if you value comfort and convenience during an intense workout, you come to the right place! Our outfits are made for sports. Besides, the design is precisely for women who want to feel confident while performing the most challenging acrobatic figures. We consider your appeal as important as the quality of our costumes.

A comfortable and beautiful
pole dance outfits

Let’s start with the top!

In Avolar, we want to match the outfit with your body shape. That’s why we have a mix of small and large tops. Our fabric will stretch to every side, but that’s not regular lycra! It is much more robust, slightly thicker and slightly less stretched.

All this is the perfect combination, as the outfit will not be a show through. It will stretch – exactly as you need it. The top will be able to maintain even large breasts.

You need to feel confident during your workout, so our tops are modern designs that completely cover even large breasts and they keep the form while performing any acrobatic figures.

What about armpit grips?
No worries!

The modern cut of our top makes it not overly squeeze the skin under the armpit and the material does not collapse – even during extremely demanding figures.

Notice the reduced underbust line and the special notch in the area of the armpit in the form of a frontal arch. This design will not only give you comfort and well-being, but also an eye-catching feminine look. You are probably wondering if you will need internal insoles to make your bust look beautiful in the pole dance outfits by Avolar? Forget about insoles! 

Check out our webstore and start scrolling product photos. None of our models have any insoles and their busts look stunning! Have you already seen the pole dance outfits for yourself?

choose the perfect bottom!

You probably are aware that our pole dance outfits must be 100% matched to your body shape. Therefore, you will not be surprised that you have the opportunity to pick one of three bottom variants for each top!

comfy brazilian panties

You probably are aware that our pole dance outfits must be 100% matched to your body shape. Therefore, you will not be surprised that you have the opportunity to pick one of three bottom variants for each top!

full panties with a sexy cut

If your preference is to have your buttocks covered, but you’re tired of old-fashioned panties, we have a great solution for you! It is a modern design that covers the entire buttocks, but at the same time it is feminine and sexy in perception. A soft elastic band around the leg will emphasize its shape. However, there’s no need to worry about your comfort – the rubber band does not oppress the skin and does not restrict your movements. Exactly just like other elements of our designs. Everything is made to make you feel comfortable and self-confident.

pole dance shorts

These shorts are not only functional, but also not too tightened – they feel quite natural. In addition, the leg length is perfect. This design will not restrict movement during demanding acrobatic figures in which you hold on to the groin of the pole. It will highlight your buttocks, despite their covering.

Abdomen under surveillance?

With us you will be able
to control your belly
and your sides!

The lower parts of our outfits will personally emphasize the flat bottoms as well
as the rounder ones. In addition high waist helps to control additonal kilograms, pregnancy belly, and even the most troublesome sides!

Each of our bottoms has a crotch area widened by a few centimeters, which will ensure comfort, even while performing the most challenging acrobatic figures.

Additionally, the lining is made of the same fabric and color as the whole outfit, so you can be sure that you will look fantastic in any acrobatic pose you perform.

from which the bottoms of our pole dance outfits are made is exactly the same as the fabric from any tops you pick. So you can be sure that the outfit will keep every part of your body in its place, emphasizing your true beauty.

Furthermore, that will provide you with comfort during exercise and will not overly squeeze your body. Our fabric is not show-through, so you can easily wear additional underwear under it, if it is necessary.

Keep that in mind that our bottoms do not have side seams due to visually slimming your figure.

As you can see, the modern design of our pole dance outfits will make you feel comfortable and beautiful even when performing extreme acrobatic figures. So, the time has come to choose your favorite one!

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