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How to prepare for the first class

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How to prepare for the first class.
Yes, finally, the day has arrived!

After the persistent persuasions of friends, and seeing countless reels and photos online, you decide to sign up for your first ever class. You begin by checking the offers at all local pole dance schools and decide to make the jump.

¨This one on the way home from work - perfect.¨

Click, click, click and you’ve been signed up for a trial class. Wow! Wow! Wow! Such excitement! I cannot wait! It’s gonna be awesome! …Hmmm… okay, but what am I supposed to take with me?

I don’t think there is a woman in the world who has not had this thought – It does not matter whether you have a gold gym subscription, you go to the pool every day or so far, you have avoided all physical activity as much as possible. This is where I come in, it’s me Kasia from Avolar! I’ve been there too, so don’t stress, we can figure this out together. Read the text and you will be guaranteed to enter the halls as if you are a seasoned pro.

1. Clothes

This is the first hurdle. Yes, I know, you are already tearing your hair out… ¨What on earth am I supposed to wear?¨ 

Well, don’t panic! First of all, you need to feel comfortable, both physically and mentally. The ideal outfit should be close to the body, forget about loose tops or shorts – they will simply get in the way. A sports top and shorts will do the job perfectly. In addition to the fact that the outfit should not restrict your movements, it should not make you feel self-conscious. If you are not ready to reveal your buttocks or belly like your favourite insta-stars, do not stress, go for a more covered style of panties or shorts.

2. Towels

I strongly encourage you to get into the habit of taking a large towel for your mat. You may be using it during the warm-up and you never know who was lying on it before you. Yes, I know it’s a hideous thought, so I will save you the memory: D Depending on the club, cloths or paper towels for wiping the pole. Nevertheless, I encourage you to also take your own hand towel. You can use it, if not for a pole, to wipe away the drops of sweat that will appear on your brow: D

3. Water

I hope that you do not leave home without it each day, but on this occasion, it is particularly important. Even if you are the camel type who only drinks once a week, believe me you will definitely need it, your instructor will make sure of it!

4. In addition

In addition, it is worth taking a bag for sweaty clothes, a hair scrunchy and a container or cosmetic bag for jewellery.

So as not to commit a faux pas on the first day, here are some other helpful tips to know before starting your pole dance adventure:
1. On the day of training, forget about body lotion, creamed skin will equate to a master level skid. It will also make it difficult to stay on the pole.
2. Take off your jewellery before entering the class, especially any that has metal elements I.e bracelets or rings. These can scratch even the highest quality pole, which will not only damage it’s aesthetics but also negatively affect the grip.
3. On the day of the class, don’t worry if your pedicure doesn’t look like you came straight from the beauty-salon or if the skin on your legs isn’t as smooth as a baby’s bottom. Embrace yourself and allow your confidence to shine through. Believe me, nobody cares, everyone is focused on their own pedicure and unshaven legs!
4. Health issues. If you have any past injuries, please inform your instructor before you start exercising. Nowadays, practically everyone has one issue or another, so do not stress unnecessarily – the experience of your instructor will certainly allow her to show you substitute exercises if needed.
Last but not least, apart from clothes and all the rest, don’t forget to take your power and positive attitude with you. Your adventure has just begun. It will be great! I’m sure of it!

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