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My story of going back to pole dance after pregnancy

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At the outset, before anything else, I will say something that might seem obvious… “Each of us is different!”. I think it important that we regularly remind ourselves of this fact. We are all unique, we have different genes, structure, bone spacing, muscle length, predisposition etc.

I also want to emphasize that the following text is not a recommendation or a guide. Take it with ease, as an entry in the “my dear diary” series.


Before pregnancy, I trained in many ways; strength training, dancing, stretching and, of course, pole. In the past, I worked as a personal trainer and fitness instructor, so practicing for a few hours a day was not unusual for me. However, from the very beginning of my pregnancy I felt terrible, nausea all day long mixed with incapacitating lethargy. Because of this, practically overnight, I stopped moving. All day long I did nothing else but sleep and eat – literally! The lack of exercise and constant appetite, naturally, made me gain weight very quickly.

However, at the end of the 1st trimester, I finally started to feel back to my old self. I had more energy, the vomiting eased and the nausea was just a ¨loving¨ memory. Eagerly, I went back to exercising. Of course, pole was out of the question. After a 3-month break, it would have been unhealthy and, above all, unsafe. Besides, I probably wouldn’t have been able to climb it anyway! I started by training at home, doing light strengthening exercises with small weights, a lot of dancing as cardio and stretching, with the addition of outdoors uphill walks and stairs.

Despite the movement, my weight continued to increase at an alarming rate. Adding to this issue were my declining mental health and the unbearable summer heat. After the second trimester, I was sore and swollen. I stopped moving again. Until ultimately, I had gained 28kg. Well mommy, who would gain more! : D


How did this happen? I was a trainer, an instructor, a professional involved in movement, one who had a six-pack on her abs for years??? Let’s just say, I learned the hard way, pregnancy does not discriminate.

The birth was a welcome relief to the hardships of pregnancy. Today I can laugh and would give birth again tomorrow, but to be pregnant, you’re on your own 😀

On the second day, I left the hospital and on the third day, the three of us went for a walk. Of course, I was dragging myself like a turtle, I was panting like an old locomotive, and I looked like I was still 6 months pregnant. However, I was very pleased with myself. After the movement, endorphins made themselves known again.

Following a medical check-up, it turned out that I had a slight dehiscence of the abdominal muscles. The word “slight” was a surprise to me, considering how much weight I had gained and how huge my belly was. In the 4th week of my recovery, I was given the green light to start gentle exercise. I immediately stocked up on a fitness-step and registered with a physiotherapist, one who came recommended by another mother. During the first few weeks, my daughter Laura practically lived in my arms all day long. So … I worked out on the step with her, although the word workout is greatly exaggerated here. I just walked up and down and included step-touches, step-outs and v-steps – that was my training. Laura loved it, she fell asleep almost instantly every time – someday she will be a great instructor!

I started going to my weekly physio appointments

At the same time, I started going to my weekly physio appointments. We focused mainly on closing my abdominal muscles. My therapist used various devices and machines, gave me massages and educated me on how to return the correct tension to my internal muscles. I also got homework each week. This came in the form of an “order” to exercise and to eat balanced meals to shift my excess belly fat. For the first few weeks, I worked predominantly on breathing exercises, using various positions with my hands and feet engaged. After some time, I got a permit to start using small dumbbells and resistance bands. Of course, I started using them right away. I was hungry for a decent training session.

avolar-sport-pole-dnace (4)
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the big day arrived!

I started working on strengthening my shoulders, back and buttocks, all while applying my entire core. At the beginning of my 4th month of recovery, we started working on straightening my abdomen. For this, the simplest exercises turned out to be quite a challenge. The next step was to include dynamic exercises in the training: running on the spot and light jumps. Until THE day finally came. At the beginning of the 5th month, I heard the most beautiful words in the world, “You can go back on the pole”. A tear welled in my eye. I was happy like a child finding presents under the Christmas tree.

Then the big day arrived! Despite many fears that there would be a jolt, that it would rub, that I would not be able to … I did it!!! I climbed to the very top of the pole! Nothing else was needed for me to be happy. Sitting up there near the ceiling, I felt a pain leave my body, finally supported by the pole after so many months. In front of me I had my little crumb lying in her crib, she never stopped staring at me ¨ mom, what are you doing up there, I want to join in too¨. I felt alive, I felt strong, I felt that I could do anything, that I was ready to fly.

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